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artists choose to live in close proximity to one another looking for the creative exchange they need to fuel their work and enrich their lives. RISD’s Residence Life program offers the same sense of shared community, with a wide variety of appealing housing options right on campus. Whether you live in our First Year Quad, the historic Hill Houses, Charles Landing or 15 West, you’ll discover that the people here — who not only study at RISD but immerse themselves fully in the life of the campus community — share a passion for their work and a curiosity about others.

Living on campus, you’ll find inspiration, relaxation, fun, friends – all in an energizing and supportive atmosphere. You’ll find what it takes to round out your studio explorations and make your RISD experience everything it was meant to be.

Community Development and Resident Engagement Model


The Residence Life Program at RISD provides a safe and supportive environment empowering students to create inclusive communities that foster their artistic and personal development. We contribute to this process by providing programs and services to foster student engagement, leadership, health, cultural competence and responsibility.


Our residential communities prepare creative leaders and problem solvers by providing opportunities to integrate learning and personal development.


The following represent areas of growth that should impact each resident student through the programs, initiatives, and activities that take place for residential students.

We will encourage and support RISD students to be active participants in their on campus communities so that they may develop their awareness, knowledge, and skills in the following areas:

EngagementBecome an informed and active member of the community

  • Express thoughts in a clear, concise and respectful manner
  • Build mutually supportive relationships within your residential community
  • Contribute as an active citizen of local, national, and global societies

Leadership – Understand and manage your impact on, responsibility to, and role within the larger community

  • Participate in the development, and recognize the importance, of community standards
  • Appreciate the role of collaboration and interdependence in community living
  • Recognize effective leadership skills and seek opportunities to develop same
  • Develop a coherent set of personal values and learn how they impact the decisions you make

Health – Make informed choices on matters that impact your personal well-being

  • Explore issues of self-identity and develop healthy ways of expressing yourself
  • Recognize how lifestyle choices impact your health and well-being and develop knowledge to make informed choices
  • Develop and maintain healthy personal relationships
  • Understand the various needs of the whole person (spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional) and seek to define an appropriate personal balance amongst them

Cultural CompetenceDemonstrate awareness and sensitivity to group and individual difference

  • Utilize the learning opportunities offered by RISD’s diverse, global community
  • Actively challenge your own beliefs and constructs
  • Demonstrate skill in moving between cultures
  • Respect others’ right to self-definition and expression
  • Effectively communicate regarding sensitive issues

ResponsibilityExercise personal responsibility for your decisions and actions, and understand their impact on others

  • Understand the power of your role, responsibilities, and personal impact on your communities
  • Appreciate and engage in the role of citizens to develop more just and equitable societies
  • Effectively manage and deal with conflict
  • Implement strategies and skills for effectively coexisting with others
  • Identify and articulate personal values

Residence Life Policies – Please refer to our policies as posted at:

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