Work Study

Federal Work Study and RISD Work Study programs are for students with financial need who must earn an income to offset educational expenses. Over 1,300 RISD students, more than half the student body, participate in the Work Study Program, which consists of both Federal Work Study (FWS) or RISD Work Study (RWS) and is part of a student’s financial aid package. While priority is given to financial aid recipients for on-campus jobs, RISD also allows non-financial aid students to work, if there are jobs left unfilled by work study students.

Work study jobs are available to undergraduate and graduate students through the Financial Aid office (located in the Prov-Wash building at 20 Washington Place | call 401 454-6661 | email Work study offers five levels of hourly pay rates and students are paid bi-weekly.

Note: The Graduate Studies office is not able to provide information on the work study program. Please visit the Financial Aid office if you have questions. 

All assistantships and fellowships originate from each graduate program and are assigned by the graduate program director.

Both on- and off-campus jobs are posted on RISD’s Work Study website. Off-campus job listings include community service opportunities at nonprofit agencies in the Providence metro area; jobs in the local community (babysitter, waiter/waitress, retail sales, lawn/garden, etc.) and professional opportunities such as freelance art and design jobs.

To prove eligibility to work, students must provide RISD with documentary evidence of identity (driver’s license, RISD ID or government photo ID) and US citizenship (US passport, social security card or birth certificate with a seal). Copies are not acceptable. You may request a duplicate of your social security card from the Social Security Administration Office. If you plan to work while at RISD, please bring the appropriate documentation with you.

In informal crits, students are called on to defend their own work and provide constructive feedback to each other.