Tuition + Fees


Full-time degree programs (annual rate)



  Student Activity $310
  health insurance $1,145
  late payment $195
  Orientation * $175

Residence Life charges

  room ** $7,200
  board ** $5,400

Summer Program tuition + fees

  MDes $7,512
  INTAR MA DIS $13,288
  INTAR MA DIS Housing $2,665
  Foundation Studies $5,868
  health insurance $358

* required of all incoming students
** base rates

For more information on room and board plans and their rates, please visit the Residence Life rate page.

In addition, you may incur some of the following expenses: 

Course, lab, material fees
Certain courses require an additional cost for the classroom experience. These course charges may cover the usage of studios, materials, field trips or other course-related activities. A detailed list of course fees can be found in the RISD course catalogue. Charges may be applied throughout the term, so it is very important to monitor your account frequently.

Library fines
If a library book is returned late or not returned at all, you will be fined accordingly.

Tuition for Wintersession is included in the fall semester invoice for full-time registered students enrolled in the fall, or is included in the spring semester invoice for full-time registered students transferring or being readmitted to RISD in the spring. Students who enroll in Wintersession without full-time student status during at least one semester of that academic year are charged a separate Wintersession tuition of $1,476 per credit hour. Room and board is divided evenly between the fall and spring semester invoices. For Wintersession travel programs, payment for travel costs associated with the course must be paid prior to the start of Wintersession. 

Residence hall deposit
A housing deposit is required of all returning students who wish to live in on-campus housing. This deposit must be paid in the spring in order to participate in the housing lottery for the following year. The deposit is nonrefundable after the housing contract has been signed. Information on how to make the deposit will be made available in early spring by Residence Life and Student Financial Services.

Residence hall damage charges
A student’s room must be vacated in the condition in which it was found upon assuming occupancy. Charges are assessed for violations of the housing contract, which include, but are not limited to, damages and vandalism.

In the Painting studios students and faculty pause to consider works in progress.