When RISD established its prestigious European Honors Program (EHP) in Rome in 1960, it was the first art and design college in the US to launch a global program in Italy. The establishment of this European hub built on RISD’s founding mission, which identifies global citizenship and learning as core values of an art and design education:

The mission of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), through its college and museum, is to educate students and the public in the creation and appreciation of works of art and design, to discover and transmit knowledge, and to make lasting contributions to a global society through critical thinking, scholarship and innovation.

Today, with global learning still central to RISD’s core values, the office of RISD Global offers a range of learning opportunities designed to broaden the global perspectives of students, faculty and alumni. It also serves as RISD’s ambassador to the world, introducing our incomparable approach to teaching and learning to interested partners on every continent.

Through online and on- and off-campus events and learning opportunities, RISD Global is a hub for discourse around global issues and the development and support of global learning. The office facilitates access to opportunities such as the European Honors Program in Rome, Wintersession travel/study courses and International Exchange options in 26 countries, as well as in the US and Canada.

Resources + More Information

Visit the RISD Global website for more information about our global programs, the European Honors Program in Rome and exchange opportunities in the US, Canada and around the world.

To contact the office, please email gpp@risd.edu or call 401 454-6725.

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In the Painting studios students and faculty pause to consider works in progress.