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  • Finding Beauty in Everyday Struggle

    As part of the Photography department’s T.C. Colley Lecture Series, photographer Justin Kimball 85 PH recently returned to RISD to speak about his life behind the lens.

  • Harnessing the Sun

    Industrial Design students dreamed up interactive, solar-powered design elements for RISD’s 2014 entry in the Solar Decathlon Europe competition.

  • John Maeda Moves On

    Almost six years after becoming president of RISD, John Maeda is leaving to accept a new position in Silicon Valley.

  • Balls Stick Together

    In a heated home game, the RISD Balls made history by beating Cooper Union’s basketball team for the first time.

  • Revitalizing Riverside Park

    Graduate students are proposing eco-friendly architectural designs that radically reinvent Riverside Park, a waterfront esplanade in Providence.

  • Somerson Named Interim President

    Provost and alumna Rosanne Somerson 76 ID continues her 35-plus-year commitment to RISD as its interim president, effective January 1, 2014.

  • Remembering the Strangest Fruit

    Texas-based artist Vincent Valdez 00 IL mourns the violent past of men in Latino culture and spotlights their ongoing struggles for freedom and equality. 

  • Riley Really Shines

    As the founder and creative director of a motion graphics studio in Hollywood, Michael Riley 91 GD brings his versatile talents to the entertainment industry.

  • New Life for a Portuguese Palace

    Last week graduate students in an Interior Architecture studio traveled to Portugal to install site-specific interventions in Lisbon’s opulent Palácio Pombal.

  • Supporting Syria’s Children

    Now living in the US, Syrian native Lina Sergie Attar MArch 01 has co-founded Zeitouna to help children displaced by civil war.

A figure modeling class from 1916.