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  • Experimenting with Work, Money, Love

    Students enrolled in an experimental graduate studies course ponder how they will sustain their creative practices – and what those choices mean for the larger artistic community.

  • STEAMy Discussion at Alumni + Parents’ Weekend

    A panel discussion centered around the ongoing STEAM initiative drew plenty of interest at RISD by Design 2012.

  • Natural Fiber Chairs

    Professor Seth Stem works with BASF to develop new uses for an eco-friendly, hemp-based alternative to plastic.

  • RISD Reads WAO – Together

    All incoming undergrads are reading Junot Díaz’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel as part of the 2012 Common Reading Program – and then meeting the author in November.

  • Recognizing a Living Legend

    RISD is working to raise funds for an endowed scholarship in honor of Professor Emeritus Malcolm Grear, an internationally known graphic designer who was also one of the school’s most highly respected teachers. 

  • Clay in Context at Hope High

    In a collaboration that reflects RISD’s commitment to critical making and community engagement, students in Ceramics and TLAD worked with local teens to create new tile murals for Providence's Hope High School.

  • Reimagining Medical Communications

    In the spring studio Communicating Medical Risk, Brown undergraduates teamed up with RISD art and design majors to look at better ways of disseminating medical information.

  • BEASTS Benefits from RISD Work

    In the breakthrough film Beasts of the Southern Wild, an apocalyptic fairytale comes to life thanks to amazing contributions from Annie Evelyn 99 FD/MFA 07, Sophie Kosofsky 06 FD, Jonathan Mosca 07 PR and Eliza Zeitlin 07 SC.

  • Fallen Star Stuck on Rooftop

    Passersby are hoping the 35-ton house Do Ho Suh 94 PT has placed teetering off a seven-story building in southern California is more illusion than reality. But it’s actually a bit of both.

  • Yoga Works

    Increasingly more RISD students have turned to yoga to help them relax, focus and tap into their creative strengths.

  • Picturing Infinity

    The first comprehensive museum survey of work by glass alum Josiah McElheny 89 GL is attracting well-deserved attention at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art.

  • Students Propose Public Art for Providence

    Students in a spring Sculpture studio taught by Professor Ellen Driscoll are creating public art for Kennedy Plaza as part of a major initiative funded by the NEA.

  • Geometry Meets the World of Making

    When architect Eduardo Benamor Duarte had an idea for building with porcelain blocks, he turned to RISD’s Ceramics department experts for help.

  • RISD, Asia and Creativity

    Inspired by recent interaction with Asia’s top creative leaders, President John Maeda reflects on his own experiences as an artist and designer of Asian descent.

  • Drawn Together: RISD Hosts ICON7

    When illustrators from around the world converge on Providence from June 13–16, the ICON7 conference will bear a distinct RISD stamp. 

  • Textiles Student Named Udall Scholar

    Weaving fiber art together with years of environmental activism, Margaret Kearney 13 TX becomes the first-ever art school student to be recognized by the Udall Foundation.

  • Spirits High at Commencement 2012

    On Saturday, June 2, thousands of family members and friends celebrated a major rite of passage for 645 graduates who collected their hard-earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from RISD.

  • Movie Stills that are Anything But

    RISD Painting Critic Dawn Clements has been awarded a 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship for her work, inspired by melodrama and film noir, that the Village Voice has dubbed “still lifes that refuse to be still.”

  • STEAM Club Mixes Art and Science

    A series of workshops linking RISD and the MIT Media Lab has set the stage for this month's CreativeMornings “pop-up” event at RISD, part of an international conversation on the intersection of arts and technology.

  • Tribal Nuances in Black and White

    Paintings by RISD Professor Duane Slick are featured in We Are Here!: The Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship, which opened on June 2 at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian’s George Gustav Heye Center in New York.

At RISD there's nothing unusual about suddenly finding a doorknob on a tree trunk, shown here across from Carr House,
the charming home of Student Life offices and the student-run Carr Haus Café.