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  • Living Pictures

    Artist Sarah Small 01 PH is bringing the emotion and humanity of 15th-century paintings alive through an intriguing series of experimental performance art pieces. 

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  • Coming Attractions

    RISD hosts world premiere of 31 films by FAV seniors.

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  • Martin Mull Witnesses the “Madness”

    In Witness, his most recent solo show, painter, actor and RISD alum Martin Mull reflects on his memories of the long-gone “picture-perfect” America of the 1950s and ’60s.

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  • Devers Makes Design Entertaining

    As an artist, designer, carpenter and committed tinkerer, Amy Devers MFA 01 FD never dreamed that she’d spend so much time talking about design – especially on television.

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  • Moving Up at Pixar

    Animator Scott Clark ’96 IL has been at Pixar since the beginning, helping the studio to become a leader in the entertainment industry.

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  • Students Take Tattoos to New Depths

    When this Providence film production studio began to develop a feature-length animated horror film, they turned to RISD for an abundance of talent to start the production process.

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  • Serious Play

    Students explored the meaning of play and developed ideas for new board games in a partnered studio with Hasbro/Cranium, the popular board game “for your whole brain.”

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  • Richardson is a Standout in Hollywood

    Cinematographer Robert Richardson 79 FAV  has earned well-deserved recognition for helping some of Hollywood’s most acclaimed directors to make exceptional films. 

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RISD has a long history of offering Saturday and after-school classes for children and teens, as this photo from c. 1910 confirms.