Room and Board

Dining and Room Rates for 2014-2015

 All rates are per person per semester.


Price Category Semester Rate Room Types Included
Category A $3,618 Hill House & Quad: Shared Room (double, triple or quad)
    15West: Shared Room in Alcove Suite (double or triple)
    Charles Landing: Shared One Bedroom Apt.
Category B $4,356 Hill House & Quad: Single Room
    Colonial: Three bedroom Apartment (private bedroom)
Category C $4,766 15 West: Shared Double Loft  (double or triple)
    Colonial & Dwight: Two Bedroom Apartment (private bedroom)
Category D $5,412 15 West: Three or Four Bedroom Apartment (private bedroom)
    15 West: Two Bedroom Loft  (private bedroom)
    15 West: Mini-loft
    15 West: Single Room in Alcove Suite
    Colonial & Dwight: Studio Apartment 
    Charles Landing: Two Bedroom Apt (private bedroom)
Category E $6,209 15 West: Studio Loft
    Charles Landing: Studio Apartment
    Charles Landing: Townhouse (private bedroom)
Category F $6,957 Charles Landing: One Bedroom Private Apartment
Price Category Semester 
Meals/Points Included
Flex Plan $2,736 Unlimited Met access, 40 meals per semester at other selected venues, and $200 in Dining Points
Residential Plan $2,204 2 meals per day and $475 in Dining Points
Block Plan 1 $2,281 150 Meals per Semester and 500 Dining Points
Block Plan 2 $2,012 75 Meals per Semester and 1100 Dining Points
All Points Plan $1,020 All Dining Points
All First Years are placed on the Flex Plan
Sophomores must choose between Flex, Residential, Block Plan 1, or Block Plan 2
Juniors, Seniors, 5th Years and Grads living in Hill Houses or 15 West Alcove Suites must select a meal plan
Juniors, Seniors, 5th Years and Grads living in Apartments or 15 West Lofts may select any option or none at all
Available to: Semester Rate  
CL Residents $300  
All Others $450  
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