Dining FAQs

What meal plan should I get?

We have a variety of meal plans, custom designed based on your housing experience.

For more details on our meal plans, please visit RISD’s info site.

Where can I sign up for my meal plan?

Students interested in adding or changing meal plans should do so on WebAdvisor.

How can I add money to my card?

If you want to add money (points; 1 dollar = 1 point) contact Isabel Ferreira at 401 454-6642 or at iferreir@risd.edu and she will assist you. Points can be used to purchase retail items at any of the venues.

Can I purchase a cake to celebrate a special occasion?

Yes! Just contact our bakery department and we will assist you with that (call Stephanie or John at 401 454-6781).

What can I eat if I have a food allergy or intolerance?

Students with allergies, food intolerances, or who follow a special diet should visit the Special Diets tab above.

How can I find out more about ingredients and preparation standards?

We have more detail on those at the RISD info site.

Can I drop my meal plan?

Students living on campus are required to have a meal plan with the exception of seniors, 5th-years, and graduate students.

What’s for lunch?

To view upcoming menus at the Met & Portfolio Cafe, visit our Facebook page, RISD Dining or visit RISD’s info site.

Can I work as a Work Study in RISD Dining?

Yes, visit employment with dining for more information.

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