Summer + Special Study Options


Undergraduates may take summer internships for credit after their sophomore year and are eligible to take a fall, spring or Wintersession internship once they have successfully completed their Foundation Studies year. A maximum of six internship credits may be counted toward an undergraduate degree.

Graduate students are eligible to do summer internships after their first year, with a maximum of three internship credits accepted toward their graduate degree, except where exceeded by departmental requirements. All summer internships require the prior approval of the department head and a commitment of six weeks of work for a minimum of 35 hours per week. Most internships enable students to earn three credits.

The RISD Career Center works cooperatively with faculty and academic department heads to identify professional internships. It also maintains a listing of openings via its ArtWorks online database. Students often find that the professional experience and knowledge gained during an internship are invaluable in helping to focus on a clear direction or choose a career path.

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Foundation Studies students consider each other's work under the guidance of Professor Merlin Szasz.