Undergraduate: BFA

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Film/Animation/Video (or “FAV” as it’s known at RISD) invites you to explore the time-based art of the moving image by making live action or animated films – or a hybrid of the two. Professors will guide you in formulating the technical, aesthetic and conceptual questions central to creating strong content with a unique voice. They’ll also provide critical feedback, regular interaction with visiting artists and specialists, and access to professional development opportunities.

As an FAV major, you’ll have the option of producing works in a wide range of genres – documentary, experimental or narrative film, for instance – and using diverse outlets, including installation and interactive media. Although the path you choose will be your own, FAV faculty will help you to hone your creative vision and master the skills and working methods needed to produce meaningful films and prepare you for a lifetime of making in the art world, the entertainment industry and beyond.

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Caroline Claflin, Do You Know How Much I Love You